Android App v3.2.2 released to Google Play

The latest v3.2.2 of the Android App has been released to google play. This version sees us switch to use google play services and v2 of the maps api. It also sees the integration of Open Charge Map released to everyone. Finally, the server to be used is now configurable on a per-vehicle basis (and defaults to

v2.6.5 Firmware

Vehicle firmware v2.6.5 has been pushed to github. It is tagged (as v2.6.5) and we have uploaded pre-built .hex files in the vehicle/firmware directory.

New Github Location

Github now has a 'Organisations' feature that seems better suited to what we are doing.

Sharing Public Charging Data

I’ve always been interested in the possible uses of OVMS for the greater good of the EV community, and to assist with the widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles. The anonymised Tesla Roadster charging records we provided to Tom Saxton for his work on a Charge Time Predictor for these cars showed how beautifully such information sharing can work.