Ombudsman's Report on ancillary facilities for electric private vehicles

Charged Hong Kong would like to thank the 香港申訴專員公署 (Office of The Ombudsman, Hong Kong) for taking up, and completing, the investigation into Government's planning and arrangements for ancillary facilities for electric private vehicles. The executive summary report has been released, and is available from the link below.

The investigation, and its findings, match closely to Charged Hong Kong's own opinion, and the policy recommendations are good. We hope that our government will take these recommendations, and act on them, and we are glad to see the first steps made with the announcement for the HK$2billion fund to expand electric vehicle charging facilities in existing car parks.

Smart City, Smart Mobility, Conference 2019

Key Takeaways:
The Needs of Specific Target Dates for the Migration to Zero Emission Transportation,
Government Enthusiasm in Formulating Policy, Regulatory Framework and a Workable Strategy, and Removal of Barriers to Deployment of Charging Infrastructure

(Hong Kong, 22 May 2019) – The Smart City, Smart Mobility Conference, organised by Hotel ICON in collaboration with Charged Hong Kong, was successfully held on 21 May 2019 at Hotel ICON. The three key takeaways for the event are 1) Hong Kong needs specific target dates for the migration to zero emission transportation, 2) Government should work with industry to formulate policy, regulatory framework, and a workable strategy and 3) Removal of barriers to deployment of charging infrastructure

Following the success of the inaugural Future Electric Vehicle Leaders Circle in May 2018, Richard Hatter, General Manager of Hotel ICON, mentioned that the sequel of the Smart City, Smart Mobility Conference was another great success and had provided a multi-stakeholder platform for academia, the government and corporate enterprises to engage with this topic. Over 150 industry executives and representatives of automakers, power companies, consulting firms, tertiary institutions, Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (LegCo) and EV-charging solution providers from Hong Kong, Sweden and The Netherlands gathered at Hotel ICON’s Silverbox Ballroom to attend the event yesterday.

Asia’s 1st Future Electric Vehicle Leaders Circle 2018 (FEVLC2018)

At Asia’s 1st Future Electric Vehicle Leaders Circle 2018, organised by Hotel ICON in collaboration with Charged Hong Kong, the aim is to bring together experts in electric vehicles and leaders in the hotel industry to discuss the viability of EV as hotel transportation and to promote sustainability in Hong Kong.

Charged Hong Kong Rally 2015 - Hotel ICON

In November 2015, Charged Hong Kong organised its first electric vehicle rally. A total of 60 participants and 29 cars each drove 40 kilometres starting from Hotel ICON Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui East to Tai Mo Shan then to Hong Kong Science Park.

CUHK EV Survey

The Department of Geography and Resource Management of CUHK is currently researching the topic of EV charging stations in Hong Kong. The research outcome will be submitted to the government's Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office and is expected to create an impact on public charging facility siting and EV policy implications.

CUHK would like to reach out for members of Charged Hong Kong, to collect EV owners' perception and usage habit from an online survey.

Survey link:

Jaguar I-PACE Hong Kong Launch

The Hong Kong launch for the Jaguar I-PACE all-electric car will be on Friday 8th March 2019, at 7pm, in Central.

Charged Hong Kong has arranged a limited number of places for our members. Please reserve early, to avoid disappointment, but only reserve if you can actually come on the night.

Registration is online

Annual General Meeting 2019-03-14

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the annual general meeting of Charged Hong Kong will be held at the 28th Floor Conference Room, Hotel ICON, 17 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong, on Thursday 14th March 2019 at 6:30 pm (until approximately 7:30pm). Public parking is available in nearby car parks, or valet park at cost.

This is a great opportunity to get together and talk about EVs. We will be providing a summary of what we have achieved in 2018, and what we can look forward to in the coming year.

For those members that would like to stay on for a meal afterwards, we will be organising an informal group meal in a Hotel ICON restaurant. Members staying for the meal can use the valet service at Hotel ICON for free parking, and a Tesla discount is available.

If you will be attending in person, we ask that you RSVP to before 5th March, so that we can ensure adequate seating. Please also let us know if you can join the group meal as well.

By Order of the Executive Committee
Charged Hong Kong
Mark Webb-Johnson, Chairman

Hong Kong, 27th February 2019

An anniversary memory

8 years ago today I test drove an electric car for the very first time. It was a Tesla Roadster (the red one in the picture with the very cool number plate).

Back then, Tesla was the Roadster, Model S was the codename "Whitestar", and Model 3 was just a dream few thought would ever arrive.

There is nothing quite like experiencing Hong Kong streets in a convertible electric car. Down at street level, even lower than most pedestrians, and in amongst the exhaust pipes, you can see and smell the pollution. It is no longer an abstract idea, or an itch at the back of your throat, but a real tangible thing so very very sickening.

Leaving the city and heading up into the hills of Clearwater Bay, the car came into its element. With no power steering, and an all electric drivetrain, you could feel the road and the rush of acceleration without the mechanical mess that is gears.

I was changed forever. On that day, I clearly saw the past, the present, and how the future could be.

Shortly after, I placed my order, and sat in my very own Tesla Roadster "Evie". She is still on the road today, and still an incredible experience to drive. To quote Ferris Bueller, "I highly recommend it, if you have the means".

香港電台 31: 左右紅藍綠|電動車配套不足

香港電台 31: 左右紅藍綠|電動車配套不足



RTHK31: Pentaprism | The Inadequacy of Electric Vehicle Development

Host: Dr. Locky Law
Director of Education, Charged Hong Kong

In this episode, Dr. Law discusses the crucial role which electric vehicles (EVs) play in improving roadside air quality and reducing the serious adverse health effects caused by emissions from fossil fuel vehicles, the inconsistency in Hong Kong government's EV policy and its consequences, as well as the lack of support for the general public in EV-charging facility installation. He concludes by offering a series of suggestions to the government. (Note: The program itself is in Chinese)

Electric Vehicle Policy 2019 - Charged Hong Kong Submission

With regard to our Air Quality, and the measures we are taking to improve it, Hong Kong continues to lose out to competing countries in our region. The health and fiscal consequences of this are impacting us every day. According to the Hedley Index, in 2016 there were 1,686 premature deaths, 113,000 hospital bed days and 2.6 million doctor visits caused by air pollution. Total economic loss was HK$21 billion.

We have the following suggestions for 2019 and beyond:


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