An anniversary memory

8 years ago today I test drove an electric car for the very first time. It was a Tesla Roadster (the red one in the picture with the very cool number plate).

Back then, Tesla was the Roadster, Model S was the codename "Whitestar", and Model 3 was just a dream few thought would ever arrive.

There is nothing quite like experiencing Hong Kong streets in a convertible electric car. Down at street level, even lower than most pedestrians, and in amongst the exhaust pipes, you can see and smell the pollution. It is no longer an abstract idea, or an itch at the back of your throat, but a real tangible thing so very very sickening.

Leaving the city and heading up into the hills of Clearwater Bay, the car came into its element. With no power steering, and an all electric drivetrain, you could feel the road and the rush of acceleration without the mechanical mess that is gears.

I was changed forever. On that day, I clearly saw the past, the present, and how the future could be.

Shortly after, I placed my order, and sat in my very own Tesla Roadster "Evie". She is still on the road today, and still an incredible experience to drive. To quote Ferris Bueller, "I highly recommend it, if you have the means".

Perhaps one day soon, driving an electric car will seem normal, and the gas guzzling polluters we call Internal Combustion will go the way of steam engines. We can either choose to dream, or strive for that cleaner and more sustainable future - I choose the latter.